Our Mission

To become a global brand for halal ice cream

Our Vision

To serve the nation with halal premium quality ice cream

Bumimasa Sdn. Bhd.

Incorporated in the year 2012, Bumimasa Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor for Parabella Ice Cream, a Malaysian founded halal premium ice cream brand. Bumimasa started its first operation on February 2012 and made its first ever sale in Perak, Malaysia.

Together with our manufacturer, One Taste Worldwide Sdn Bhd, our company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of a variety types of ice cream to the food services industry such as restaurants, cafe, caterers, and retailers. Recently, we have extended our distribution to hypermarkets and exports to China.

The fast growing demand and awareness of quality halal foods in Malaysia and globally in the modern society has created an attractive business opportunity thus the management of Bumimasa Sdn Bhd has taken the initiative to formulate and implement suitable business models to tap the benefits of producing Halal products namely premium ice cream.

Bumimasa Sdn Bhd under the brand Parabella Ice Cream is dedicated to deliver tasty, quality and most importantly halal ice creams to it’s customers.

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